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Who Are We

The Lakhimi Sanchay and Rindan S.S. Limited is a credit cooperative Society, Which starting on the 6th June 2008 at Bordoloni as a Shelf-Help group among 11 members and step by step it has been increasing numbers of members and expanding its ‘Area of operation’. The Lakhimi was taken over its member 700 and above on December 31, 2010.

The organizer and founder leader of the organization is Mr. Dipen Chutia. He is a great leadership personality regarding growing up the society.  He is in the post of Managing Director of the society. He has well experience and good knowledge of entrepreneurship over the last decade. The journey of the organization starting as a self-help group among 11 members to the 2010 general meeting was fully leading by Mr. D. Chutia as president of the organization.

The first president of the society elected by the General Assembly was held on August 26, 2010.  Mr. Biman Sonowal was elected as president of the society. He is an honest and disciplined person, who always working hard to develop the society on its way. He is a popular person among the members of the society over the period of the last presiding days. The general assembly was passed such resolutions to convert it to a Credit Cooperative Society. According to the resolutions adopted its name, bye-laws, and Area operation of the society.

On January 28, 2011, it is registered under the Assam Cooperative Societies Act, 1949 (1 of 1950), Regd. No. DJ270 (B). The registered address of the society is Dhemaji Tiniali, Ward No.-2, Dihingia Market, NH-52(15) Near Pramod Bhawan, P.O. & Dist.- Dhemaji, Pin-787057, Assam.

Current amendment of the Assam Cooperative Societies Act, 2007(Act, IV of 2013), and rules there under, we amend our bye-laws according to the Act, and Rules or any other provisions uncovered in this Act shall be following.

Whereas it is expedient further to facilitate the formation and working of  Co-operative Societies for the purpose of thrift, self-help, mutual aid and creating the quality creditworthiness among agriculturists, artisans and other persons with common economic needs so as to bring about a higher standard of living, better business, better methods of production, equitable distribution and exchange and for that purpose to consolidate and amend the law relating to Co-operative Societies in the province of Assam.

Awareness on saving habits, health, and education, economic and financial services towards financial inclusion and development of the people’s entire remote areas. We are also trying to provide digital financial services and assistance regarding the financially and socially weaker section of our civil society to uplift their livelihood. We are always trying to promote the agendas of cooperative societies.

On this date, we have more than 16,251 active members and successfully run our business. We are adopting the latest digital technologies to prove our services on the digital platforms.


The prime objective of the society is to promote economic, social and cultural interest of its members, and are specifically arranged as under:

  1. To create funds that to be lent to its members for various purposes.
  2. To undertake thrift and credit business by mobilizing deposits from members.
  3. To own land and buildings or procure them on lease or rent for carrying out business of the society.
  4. To undertake welfare activities particularly for the members and employees and their children for the promotion of their moral, education and physical improvements.
  5. To undertake other measures, designed to encourage among the members the spirit and practice of thrift, self help and mutual help.
  6. To promote entrepreneurship development among members.
  7. To subscribe the shares of cooperative societies and other institutions.
  8. Collection of bank cheques of the members and facilitate for encashment.
  9. Provide door step financial services to its members towards full-fillment of their financial needs.
  10. Operating services as agent of Banks/Insurance companies, contribute to financial inclusion in rural areas.
  11. The Society promotes various Agricultural development projects, such as Agro processing units, Agriculture based loans and training programs among the farmers.
  12. The society organizes Self Help Group among the members, basically women members and provide financial help towards developing small scale business and industries.
  13. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects.
  14. Generally, to undertake such other activities as may be conducive to the promotion of economic interest of members and overall development of the area and the objectives specified above as may be approved by the financing bank.

Our Vision


Our Mission


Organizational Chart

Internal Directors

* Head of the Departments are appointed as Internal Directors of the Society

Social Activities

The Society is involved in the following Social Activities :

1. Awareness Programme on Health and Finance :

We organize awareness meetings on health care and social justice. Sometimes doctors coordinate with us and provides medical camps in the remote areas and try to educate peoples about their health and diseases.

2. Health Card Scheme :

We are providing health card to all members of our society. This health card will privileged its owner with discounts on availing diagnosis on our network diagnosis centers which are available all across the State of Assam.

3. Member Welfare Funds :

We are providing financial protection towards borrowing members and their families through this fund. In case of borrowing member (accidentally) become physically disabe or death, the refundable loan amount will be freed-up to Rs. 50,000.00 together interest. This scheme covering only those members who are borrowing Rs. 50,000.00 or below thereunder. This scheme shall provide financial support regarding small borrowers/weaker section of member of the society and relax it’s guarantee.

4. “Protect Me”- Scheme :

This is a fund which provide financial assistance towards it’s employees and voluntary workers of the society’s. The one-third percent of the capital for this Scheme is raised from its employees and remaining two-third percent is given by the Society itself. In case of serious medical treatment of the employees and workers of the society, we shall provide Rs.10,000.00 immediately under this Scheme and which does not need to be refunded. This Scheme covers all its employees with health insurance of 3 Lacs and also accidental death insurance of 5 Lacs.

5. “Sikriti”- A Programme on Skill Development :

The society arrange various comprehensive training programme from time to time in the meaner of skill development. The society encourage self-employment, self-help group and team work on agricultural productivity.

6. “Sambardhana”- A programme on Successor :

The motto of the society is to up-lift the social, cultural and economic status of its members. In the interest of the said motto of the society we arrange a public meet to welcome successful persons once in every year and encourage the new generation to achieve success in their life.

7. Plantation :

The employees, voluntary workers and members of the society implement plantation schemes time to time on road sides and schools & colleges. The society is also working on environment related jobs.


There are 4 types of shares of the society. The values of the shares defined by the General Body of the society as herein :

  • A – class =100/- (One hundred only).
  • B – class = 20,000/- (Twenty thousand only).
  • C – class= 10,000/- (Ten thousand only).
  • D – class = 110/- (One hundred ten only).

Our Promises

  • To provide affordable financial services.
  • Business principle : “Not profitable but sustainable”.
  • Skill development and employment generation.
  • To encourage for good health and well education.
  • To promote cooperative activities.
  • To provide right time financial support.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are members welfare organization.
  • Door step deposit and withdrawal facilities.
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  • High rate of interest on Deposit.
  • Low rate of Interest on Loans.
  • 0 %  interest scheme also available with us.
  • Quick response on digital solutions.
  • Trusty relationship with customers.
  • Village level door step networking activities.
  • Large numbers of volunteers engagement on the ground level.
  • Real time refund settlement.
  • ATM, mATM, online payment facilities available.

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